Emergency Room Application

Healthcare, Mobile
About This Project

This application is for nurses working in an ER that need to keep track of patients who have been admitted and be able to quickly view who is currently present within the ER, what Triage level they are, if they have any warnings (allergies etc), who they are being attended by and also the time since they have last been seen.


My Role

I joined the project at the discovery stage as a UX / UI designer. We worked with in-house domain experts (both doctors and nurses) to help define the requirements for this project using a variety of design methods such as interviews, card sorting, hosting design studios to brainstorm possibilities with other key stakeholders as well as utilising an ethnographic approach that involved visiting an actual emergency room to help us emphasise with the end users.


We then proceeded to take these findings and refine them into working user journeys, wireframes and finally high resolution prototypes which we used to further test and refine the MVP.

This was developed for both tabletĀ and desktop with a mobile versionĀ also.