Electronic Patient Record

Healthcare, Responsive
About This Project

While working with CSC I collaborated on this project remotely with a Team based in Australia / New Zealand. My role in this project involved creating designs in conjunction with another UX designer in New Zealand.


My Role

I joined the project at the define stage, where a lot of the initial research, user flows and interviews had already been completed and my role was primarily focused on taking this data and transforming it into working wireframes and high res prototypes that we could then test and iterate upon.


We created a tablet version as well as a desktop version of the application which was a mixture of an EPR (Electronic Patient Record) and a results summary. The tablet element of the design is essential as ward doctors use them when reviewing patients within the hospital so having a mobile application was a primary requirement.


Opposite you will see both some of the wireframes and designs for the patient record as well as a quick idea we were working on for an application that shows an overview of patient care with the ability to drill down to get more detailed information by zooming in on a particular time / date.