Electronic Patient Record

MY ROLEI joined the project at the define stage, where a lot of the initial research, user flows and interviews had already been completed and my role was primarily focused on taking this data and transforming it into working wire frames and high res prototypes that we could then test and iterate upon. We created a...

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Clinical Portal

MY ROLEWhen I joined the project the initial discover stage was complete and I was able to take the information gathered by my colleague and translate this into working prototypes.We iterated on a number of different options in Balsamiq to quickly show all the different results on the same screen. In a clinical environment there...

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MY ROLEI joined the project at the discovery stage as a UX / UI Designer. We worked with in-house domain experts (both doctors and nurses) to help define the requirements for this project using a variety of design methods such as interviews, card sorting, hosting design studios to brainstorm possibilities with other key stakeholders as...

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